Thursday, June 02, 2005

How to make LSA

Liquid LSD is merely dissolved crystal lsd, and the morning glory seed extract is LSA, not LSD.
(extracting D-lysergic acid amide) LSA

Items needed: 1. About 200 grams of MORNING GLORY SEEDS.
2. 200 cc. of petroleum ether (make sure it's PETROLEUM ether)
3. Small piece of window screen or strainer.
4. A couple of large glasses.
5. One old cookie tray.
6. 260 cc. of wood alcohol.
What to do:
1. Grind up about 170 grams of seeds. (Wash the seeds in water first)
2. In 145 cc. of petroleum ether, soak the seeds for two to three days.
3. With screen, filter the liquid and save the seed mush. Allow the mush to dry.
4. Let the mush soak in 130 cc. of wood alcohol for two days.
5. Filter the solution again. Save the liquid in a glass jar.
6. Soak the same mush again in another 130 cc. of wood alcohol for two more days.
7. Filter out the mush and throw it away. Save the liquid.
8. Now, pour both saved glass containers with the liquid in them, into a cookie sheet.
9. Let the liquid dry in to a yellowish gum.

Scrap the yellow gum into pill capsules and take. Sample it first to see how much one hit is. OR If your not going to sell or store it I would recommend that you make a one-hitter. This is made by washing the seeds with cold water and soap. Then letting them dry a bit. Second, take all of the seeds (13.5g) and put them into a balloon. Take a hammer and crushed the hell out of them. Then put all of the crushed seeds in a cup filled with about 8oz of COLD water. Then swish them around a lot and let them sit for about 45 mins. Third, drink the water and mix the mushy leftover seed pulp with food like yogurt and eat it. This will make you trip balls just as well as the method above. Only problem is that it is hard to store and impossible to sell. And you waste alot of seeds.


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